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Who We Are?

Plastic Shoe Industries has been known as the best PVC material specialist, and since we have been embarking on ambitious programmes for producing PVC boots.

Who We Are?

Plastic Shoe Industries has been known as the best PVC material specialist, and since we have been embarking on ambitious programmes for producing PVC boots.

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About us

KORAKOH Manufactures High Quality Safety Shoes, Industrial Safety Shoes, Safety Boots, Industrial PVC and Rubber Boots. We design, manufacture and distribute high quality PVC Safety Gumboots to suppliers worldwide. Korakoh is also an expert in the design and development of customers own PVC Safety Gumboots, designs and specifications can be tailored to meet the wearers exact needs.

What Are Safety Shoes & Why Do We Need It?

As the Industrial Revolution gained momentum, there was a tremendous influx of businesses and people that relied on these revolutionary ways to successfully carry out daily tasks. The idea of safety footwear was established at the start of the 20th century in response to the rising awareness of workplace health and safety. A comfortable safety shoe must be worn every day by workers in the factory, transportation, food, and even retail industries.

Why should you consider wearing safety shoes? Have you ever wondered why? This is due to the reality that foot injuries can strike at any time and without any prior notice. Safety boots or shoes can help avoid various injuries, not just to your feet. Safety shoes can help to protect you from slipping, burns, falling objects, sharp objects, and electrocution, to name a few possibilities.

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Injection Moulding Process

Injection Moulding Process



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Look carefully to see if the shoes or boots cover your ankles to determine the difference between safety boots and safety shoes. In general, safety boots cover at least your ankles and reach up to the middle of your leg. Meanwhile, for safety shoes, have a more normal design and do not protect your ankles.

Safety footwear must have a leather top, non-skid soles, grease resistance, and pressure and compression resistance ratings of 75. Toe caps that are fitted into the shoes are also required. Workers who face injury risks must wear safety footwear.

  • Purchase only shoes that are the correct size.
  • Select the suitable type of safety footwear with adequate protection and fitting.
  • Ensure that the socks, insoles, and shoe linings stay dry as well as the feet.
  • Try to put on your socks so that they stay on your feet.

Comfortable safety shoes that fit perfectly will aid in maintaining balance and stop any accidents or slides. Additionally, it’s crucial that shoes have better grip and traction, particularly while using ladders or walking on uneven terrain in the construction sector.

1. Safety Toed Shoe
2. Electric Hazard Shoes
3. Shoes with Metal Insteps
4. Steel-toed footwear
5. Metatarsal Shoe

Normal shoes often consist of everyday materials like textiles, synthetic leather, etc., whereas safety shoes are required to have superior quality insulating materials like anti-static, high temperature, and other highly specialised materials. Normal footwear typically has tendon soles. According to the present market, rubber, polyurethane, and tyre soles are used on the majority of safety shoes.

Safety footwear guards against fatigue and foot injury. Industrial workers, who operate in high-risk environments, are primarily affected. So, just like other personal protection equipment, safety shoes are crucial.

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